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POEA License No.: POEA-043-LB-030420-R



Benchstone Enterprises Inc. Is a dynamic, professional company with more than two decades of existence and experience.

Our company is considered as one of the leading agencies in the Philippines specializing in the field of promotion and manpower placement.

Benchstone Enterprises Inc. started operations in 1988 through its accredited Local Promotion ADC International now known as"Benchstone Annex". It is mainly involved in providing Professional Performing Artists to various International Agencies associated to the entertainment industry.

Our company has built a reputation of being efficient and conscientious in the deployment of workers abroad among other professional services it could professionally provide. Benchstone Enterprises Inc. has carved a well deserved image of reliability, forthrightness and sincerity among its clients. It is this image of our company that caught the attention of direct foreign principles needing an International Employment Agency that can be relied upon to process, recruit and maintain efficient services Internationally.

Benchstone Enterprises Inc. in conclusion, is the perfect partner that any direct foreign principal can find that provides and guarantees only an EFFICIENT, ACCURATE and A-1 QUALITY SERVICE automatically rendered to its clientele. 

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